Thinking inside the box

Heads Up!

There’s a new service that will make you smile. Our itTaxiBox will analyze and fix PCs and other smart devices with the most comfortable way.


Novel way to fix your PC and smart device


itTaxiBox is a new Finnish innovation. This innovation let’s repair shops to be set up anywhere. While devices are secured behind locked box, “nerd in a box” is remotely fixing it in record time.


How it works

At first you will see itTaxiBoxes in your local store. There you will just give your PC or smart device to stores info desk and shop assistant. Assistant will then plug your device into itTaxiBox and secure box. No one can get to your device until assistant opens the door. When our tech pro is finished with your device the itTaxiBox is opened and shop assistant will give you your device back. It’s that simple!

There is literally nerd in a box here.

  1. Drop your device in to store having itTaxiBox
    2. While your device is secured in itTaxiBox our tech pro will fix it
    3. Come back to store and pick up your working device!